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Godfrey of Bouillon entering Jerusalem.

Godfrey of Bouillon entering Jerusalem.

About Godfrey of Bouillon:

Godfrey of Bouillon was born in about 1060 C.E. to Count Eustace II of Boulogne and his wife Ida, who was the daughter of Duke Godfrey II of Lower Lorraine. His elder brother, Eustace III, inherited Boulogne and the family’s estate in England. In 1076 his maternal uncle named Godfrey heir to the duchy of Lower Lorraine, the county of Verdun, the Marquisate of Antwerp and the territories of Stenay and Bouillon. But Emperor Henry IV delayed confirming the grant of Lower Lorraine, and Godfrey only won the duchy back in 1089, as a reward for fighting for Henry.