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Gisela Marie Augusta Richter.

Gisela Marie Augusta Richter.

Author and curator of Greek art, Metropolitan Museum, 1929-1952.  Richter was the daughter of the eminent art historian Jean Paul Richter (q.v.) and Louise Schwab [Richter] (q.v.), also an art historian.  After settling for a time in London, the Richters lived in Rome and Florence before moving back to London in 1892.  Gisela Richter attended the prestigious Maida Vale School for women.  Lectures by Emmanuel Loewy (q.v.) during study at the University of Rome around 1896 convinced her to study classical art.  Richter was admitted to Girton College, Cambridge University, in 1901 where her don, Katherine Jex-Blake (1860-1951), along with Eugénie Seller Strong (q.v.), was the translator of elder Piny’s passages on the history of art.  Forbidden to be degreed by Cambridge because she was a woman, Richter continued study at the British School at Athens, 1904-1905.